Salt Lake City Shopping

City Creek Shopping Center
City Creek Shopping Center is a modern shopping mall that features over 70 stores and restaurants. It is well-known for its cozy decor that invites shoppers to explore each store at their own pace. It is located about three blocks south of Temple Square near the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

Some of the most popular stores located at City Creek Shopping Center include jewelry stores, toy stores and gift shops. Other popular stores include shoe stores and bookstores. Be sure to visit the food court to visit some of Salt Lake City's most popular Chinese restaurants.

Trolley Square
Trolley Square is a lively shopping and entertainment center located near what was once Salt Lake City's trolley depot. It is home to over 40 upscale and contemporary stores that are located inside converted trolley car garages. It is located about 20 blocks south of Temple Square near the Brigham Young Memorial Cemetery.

Be sure to visit the stores located near the Rodizio Grill to shop for contemporary fashions and electronics. These stores are fun to visit because they feature interesting interiors that are similar to those found in early 20th century transportation centers.

Arrow Press Square Shopping Center
Arrow Press Square Shopping Center is one of Salt Lake City's oldest shopping centers. It was constructed during the 1960s to meet the needs of Salt Lake City residents living near the downtown area. It is home to several popular bookstores, clothing stores and specialty stores. It is located about five minutes south of Trolley Square near the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building.

Arrow Press Square Shopping Center's most popular feature is its simple Space Age design that includes tall columns and long walkways. You can see these design elements when you visit the gift shops that are located near the main entrance.

East Broadway Antique Row
The East Broadway Antique Row is a collection of antique stores that offer patrons one of Salt Lake City's largest antique inventories. It is located about two miles south of Temple Square near the Gilgal Sculpture Museum. Be sure to visit the antique shops located near Gallagher Park to see one of Utah's largest antique lithograph collections.

South Main Street Shopping District
The South Main Street Shopping District is a contemporary shopping destination that is home to several upscale clothing stores and jewelry galleries. It is located about four blocks south of the Main Street Rail Station near Richmond Park.

The South Main Street Shopping District hosts several shopping events during the year that offer visitors a chance to shop for holiday gifts. Be sure to attend one of these events during the Christmas shopping season to shop for Christmas gifts and accessories.